Design and Architecture: Go Green: IEQ IntelliNRG Induction Lamps

Monday February 14th, 2011 2011, In the News

(Issue 060.)

The end is near for metal halide and pressurized sodium Lamps. These energy guzzling and excessive heat-generating Lamp sources have long been the mainstay yet bugbear of users who require light to cover long throw distances and be extremely bright. IEQ Global Pte Ltd introduces the IEQ IntelliNRG range of Induction Lamps for commercial, industrial and residential use. This relatively new Lamp type delivers a phosphorous glow without the usual electrodes, eliminating the filament the highest single point of failure of conventional Lamps.


Induction Lamps deliver unmatched operating hours, lasting up 50,000 hours, over conventional Lamps that last 10,000 hours. Comparatively, Induction Lamps generate more lumen’s per watt with less energy consumption, produce less excessive heat and glare which improves thermal comfort, saves air conditioning costs and maximizes eye protection. Not only do Induction Lamps contain relatively lower amounts of chemicals, they also have a lower failure rate.

Conventional Lamps suffer from rapid lumen depreciation and colour shift, but Induction Lamps maintain 95% of lumen output at 9,000 burning hours and never change colours. Typically, a 200W of Induction Lamp can produce the same brightness as a 500W Metal Halide, achieving 60% energy saving.


The price of Induction Lamps is very competitive, approximately 10% the price of LED equivalent Lamps. Induction Lamps yield lesser replacement/re-Lamping cycles thereby minimizing 30% of maintenance costs.

Like high quality LED Lamps, Induction Lamps offer instant re strike, colour stability, 80+ CRI, high power factor and last 50,000 hours. But unlike LED, Induction Lamps are not only a fraction of the cost, they also offer a wider throw and have a more evenly distributed polar curve light distribution.

Induction Lamps generate minimal toxicity both in manufacturing and material components. In this Green era, IEQ Global provides a broad spectrum of energy-saving lamp solutions that will address the Green Agenda.

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