Design and Architecture: The Power of Plasma Lights

Saturday December 10th, 2011 In the News

(Issue 065.)

High rise buildings can now be showcased at night and good architectural design elements may be brought to light by Plasma lamps.

Plasma lamps produce powerful, natural sunlight. It is that simple. With the strongest and farthest light throw available today, Plasma lamps are designed to illuminate long distance of several kilometres or buildings from 10 to over 60 storeys tall. Smaller than a golf ball, the cost effective Plasma bulbs are designed for over 40,000 hours of continuous use, producing the least amount of UV and the best colour rendering index (CRI) in its class.

The ideal alternative to conventional lighting, a single Plasma lamp can replace 3 to 10 units of high power metal halide or HID lamps. Plasma lamps significantly lower energy consumption by up to 85%, generate correspondingly lower heat and are environmentally sustainable as they do not contain mercury vapour. Available in 3 wattages and 3 throw angles, Plasma lamps can be customized in a variety of shades of white light or other colours.

As Asia’s Premier Green Solutions Provider, IEQ Global provides leading edge energy efficient lighting technology that improves the aesthetics of indoor and outdoor spaces, while minimising energy costs. IEQ Global also designs and manufactures LED lights and is the World’s third largest manufacturer of customized Induction Lights. IEQ Global is a Founding Member of the Singapore Green Building Council, Strategic Partner of the Singapore Institute of Architects and a Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society.

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