Coming from the same family of light source as the induction lamps, plasma lamps are electrodeless lamps— lamps that were invented and discovered by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s.  More than a hundred years later, the plasma lighting technology has the brightest and longest light throw that is commercially available in the world today.  Filled with a noble gas before using radio frequency (RF) to energise the plasma inside the bulb, plasma lamps emit visible light when electrons that have been excited in the bulb falls back to its original state.

With impeccable Colour Rendering Index (CRI), what the human eye perceives when the plasma light is used is the same as what can be seen on a clear sunny day at noon.  For that reason and many others, plasma lights have many applications, ranging from being used as search and rescue searchlights and billboard lights to highbays and floodlights for high-ceiling indoor areas and stadiums.

As one of the latest lighting technology for luminaries in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, and many other countries across the world, modern high-efficiency plasma lamps have evolved as a substitute for conventional search lights.  With all these benefits of plasma lights, IEQ Global harnesses this revolutionary technology to provide our clients with the IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps, an energy efficient lighting alternative to conventional lights.

Because the IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps do not contain any mercury vapour or other fluorescent substance, our plasma lamps are a viable environmentally-sustainable alternative to conventional search lights that are based on lamps such as high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs or metal halide bulbs.  As such, IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps do not pollute the environment nor do they experience material degradation.

IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps also have a very small light source as compared to conventional light sources such as HID bulbs or fluorescent tubes.  With a small light source, IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps have a much higher luminaire efficiencies than its conventional counterparts.  HID lamps typically have a luminaire efficiency of 55% while fluorescent lamps have a luminaire efficiency of 70%.  IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps on the other hand have a typical luminaire efficiency of exceeding 90%.  As a result, IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps consume far lesser electrical energy and generate a lot less heat, which results in a reduction in operational costs.

The advantages of IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lights are unending, from long lifespan (32,000 hours before noticeable degradation begins, which outperforms the 8,000 hours lifespan of the metal halide lights) and reduced maintenance cost (due to the long lifespan), to improved reliability (without a filament, the most common point of failure found in conventional lights is eliminated) and reduced capital expenditure (with a choice of 3 beam angles, fewer lights can be used to achieve the same effect as conventional incandescent search lights).

With long light throw and high intensity lighting density, IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lights are great for several high-intensity outdoor and indoor lighting applications, such as for building facades, stadiums and landmark lightings, or indoor sports facilities, atrium, warehouses and convention halls.

Due to the few reputable manufacturers of plasma lights today, IEQ Global ensures that the IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and use only the best materials and components available in the market today.  Furthermore, to ensure that our clients receive the very best, IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps come fully certified with the required test certificates of countries such as Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, and many others.

With so many benefits that the IEQ IntelliNRG™ Plasma Lamps have, it is unsurprising that the IEQ IntelliNRG™ range of Plasma Lamps is the choice energy efficient substitute for conventional lights.

IEQ Global supplies three types of energy-efficient lighting technology – Induction, LED, and Plasma lights.  IEQ IntelliNRG™ Lamps have been deployed to our clients in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, and many other countries to save energy, reduce and control operating costs, adopt Green objectives and attain Green certifications.  For more information on IEQ Global and our lights, contact your local office.  A complete list of IEQ Global offices can be found here.

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