IEQ Global Launches AerisGuard — An Environmentally Sustainable HVAC Solution to Beat Rising Energy Costs

Tuesday August 12th, 2008 Press Release

Enabling Corporations to Strike the Balance between Business Profit and Environmental Sustainability

SINGAPORE, 12 August 2008 — In today’s increasingly competitive global business environment, companies are constantly challenged to grow business and maintain profitability in the face of an ever-increasing demand and dwindling supply of natural resources.

For businesses to operate effectively in the tropical climate of Singapore, the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System is an absolute necessity to keep indoor environments habitable. Operators and owners of buildings that require the heavy, prolonged use of HVAC systems will inevitably encounter two key concerns over time. The first: the ever increasing price of electrical energy required to power HVAC systems. The second: the gradual deterioration of HVAC system components due to continued use in Singapore’s equatorial climate. Increasingly, a third concern has been gaining worldwide attention: that of the customer’s growing consciousness toward environmental sustainability, as reflected in consumer buying preferences.

As high dependency HVAC users, the hospitality industry is among businesses that need to increase profitability with soaring HVAC energy costs. While several have already started to support “Green” Initiatives and take a step closer to achieving GreenMark, others are concerned with the balance between such initiatives while achieving business profitability.

IEQ Global, Singapore’s sole certified and authorized applicator and advocate of AerisGuard™ HVAC Performance Solutions and Trane Singapore, AerisGuard’s sole distributor in Asia, today announced the launch of AerisGuard™ HVAC Performance Solutions by Aeris Environmental in Singapore. US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved, AerisGuard is based on revolutionary multi-enzyme biofilm removal solutions that are environmentally-friendly, and can be applied onto HVAC systems outdoor or indoor ventilation coils to both control, prevent, and inhibit the growth of odour causing fungi, mildew, mould and bacteria on air, as well to prevent further corrosion damage to the coils by the natural elements.

The extensive application of AerisGuard can enable HVAC systems to achieve excellent indoor environment quality for comfort and hygiene with energy use optimized, manageable operating costs and reduced maintenance effort. The protection it provides also extends the lifespan of expensive HVAC equipment and components. Equally significant, Aeris Environmental has been named in the US as an “Energy Star Product Provider” for AerisGuard Air-Conditioning Performance Solution technology — an energy-efficient product that produces energy savings whilst protecting the environment.

“We are proud to be part of the Global environmental-sustainability initiative for businesses and to offer the industry’s first comprehensive solution to protect commercial building HVAC assets against mould, bacterial and fungal contamination,” said Mr. Jeffrey Tang, Managing Director of IEQ Global. “The AerisGuard solution has been proven to reduce companies’ energy consumption and cost, leading to increased profitability — which is at the core of our belief to maintain the balance between environmental sustainability and business profitability.”

The AerisGuard suite of solutions may be applied on any manufacturer’s brand of HVAC systems — outdoor or indoor ventilation coils, regardless of size.

The Benefits of AerisGuard

  • Proven effective up to 12 months in the control, prevention and inhibition for growth of mold, fungi and odour causing bacteria on HVAC coils
  • Provides protection of certain ventilation coils from corrosion for up to 36 months and extends operating life of ACMV plant equipment
  • Reduces energy consumption via improved ventilation coil heat exchange and improved airflow
  • Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
  • US EPA approved and awarded US Energy Star

About IEQ Global Pte Ltd (

IEQ Global Pte Ltd is Singapore and the Asia Pacific Region’s premier end-to-end provider of bespoke environmental engineering solutions that enable corporations to optimize the performance of their businesses to achieve goals more efficiently and in a cost effective way. The Company offers a state-of-the-art spectrum of solutions that address energy/operating cost optimization and reduction, as well as improved Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Indoor Environment Quality (IAQ). With a team of in-house experts with extensive accumulated experience in environmental engineering, quality control and property management, the Company is fully committed to ensuring that customers have access to the best solutions for addressing their energy and IEQ requirements. For more information, visit

About Aeris Environmental

Aeris Environmental Ltd is an environmental services company focusing on the international environmental hygiene and system performance market. The Company has three core patented technologies centered on multi-enzyme biofilm removal solutions, residual anti-microbial coatings and corrosion protection coatings. Aeris has developed products for application in the air-conditioning and refrigeration service and manufacturing industries together with the large water treatment market. The AerisGuard Performance Solutions clean and protect air-conditioning and refrigeration systems from commonly occurring bacterial and mould contamination problems. Systems protected by AerisGuard provide significant equipment efficiency, energy reduction, human health and asset management benefits.

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