The IEQ IntelliCoil™ Solution incorporates the unique suite of biodegradable enzymes from Aeris Technologies that is US EPA certified and Energy Star awarded to sanitize HVAC systems and prevent energy wastage for 12 to 18 months per application.

The non-corrosive multi-enzyme based solution optimizes and reduces energy consumption for HVAC systems, and pays for itself within 12 months.  The measurable result also includes improved airflow, thermal efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, improved indoor air quality and extended HVAC asset lifespan.

The Issues

  • Rising Energy Costs
    • Over 65% of energy cost originates from HVAC systems.
    • Energy tariffs continue to rise each year.
    • Thermostats are set at unnecessarily low levels to provide
      maximum but inefficient cooling.
  • Asset Replacement
    • Preservation of HVAC assets via temperature and humidity
      control extends their lifespan but is often overlooked in favour
      of thermal cooling comfort.
    • Overused and neglected HVAC systems result in un-budgeted
      replacements and capital expenditure.
    • Preservation methods not previously available.

The Intelli-Coil™ Solution

A key component of the IEQ Intelli-Coil™ solution is manufactured by Aeris Technologies, an Energy Service and Product Provider recognized for Air-Conditioning Performance Solution technology effectively, an energy efficient product that delivers energy savings whilst protecting the environment.

The the IEQ Intelli-Coil™ Solution, incorporating Aeris Technologies HVAC™ Solutions, is the first comprehensive program to protect building HVAC assets against mould, bacterial and fungal contamination.  It is the only US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Approved solution in its’ class with proven effectiveness.

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