Technology Comparison

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True HEPA filtration (99.97%@0.3micron sized contaminant) X X X X X X
Kills up to 100%—capture and kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould within filtration systems X X X X X X
Inhibit bacteria breeding in filter media X X X X X X
Consistent “KILL” and capture efficiency with monitoring X X X X X X
Does not release potentially harmful substances like oxygen radicals (OH) and oxidizing agents (ozone) X X
Safe & proper exposure time to treatment energy X X X X X X

  • Made of paper, true HEPA Filters are very dense and restrict airflow and air change.   To be effective, these air purifier motors have to be very noisy.  There is no real time filter effectiveness monitoring.
  • HEPA Filters only trap but do not kill airborne of viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi where they may potentially breed in the filter.
  • UV Light Systems have no effect on airborne particles (including most allergens), chemical fumes, gases, smoke and odours. They do not have a real-time monitoring system to ensure that the UV bulb is working at peak efficiency.  Once a UV bulb is coated with dust, it becomes ineffective.  UV light exposure is also uncontrolled, inconsistent and inefficient to be effective.
  • Intense Field Dielectric (IFD) Filters are less efficient.  They trap airborne particles which clog the filters and insulate the ionizing surfaces and need to be cleaned frequently to maintain peak efficiency.
  • Ionizers do not trap most airborne particles, nor kill germs, fungi and viruses, nor remove most chemicals and odours.
  • Ion Clusters produce OH radicals to kill bacterial cells but may also be harmful to humans and animals.
  • Ozone is listed by the U.S Environment Protection Agency as a dangerous contaminant for human exposure.
  • Photo catalytic Technology Systems shine UV light onto Titanium Oxide (TiO2) which produces OH radicals.  They are weak in protection against airborne particles.

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