All in the rage, LED (or light-emitting diode) lamps have become one of the symbols of energy efficient lighting technology.  With long service life and high energy efficiency, many are switching over to LED lighting in a bid to be environmentally friendly and reduce operational costs.

Available in many different shapes and sizes for a variety of applications, LED lamps have become the energy efficient choice in replacing conventional incandescent or fluorescent lights.  In comparison to fluorescent lights, LED lamps contain no mercury (due to the use of LED chips instead of mercury), have instant re-strike, and an extended lifespan.  Furthermore, LED lamps are more mechanically robust and have higher energy efficiency as compared to other artificial light sources.

IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] range of LED Lamps has been designed by IEQ Global specifically to capture all the benefits of LED lamps without the limitations.  Created with architectural aesthetics in mind, the IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] LED Lamps are ideal for not just homes and offices, but also indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial applications.  The many advantages of IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] LED Lamps are endless — from a long lifespan of 50,000 hours which translate to reduced maintenance cost, improved energy efficiency which reduces energy consumption, low failure rate due to the absence of a filament (the highest point of failure in conventional lamps), and excellent colour rendering index (CRI) that optimises visibility in all conditions.

Manufactured with the highest quality components such as LED chips, ballasts, and drivers, as well as remarkable heat dissipating designs, the IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] range of LED Lamps surpasses market equivalents in performance, price, and environmental sustainability.  With our own manufacturing capabilities, IEQ Global is able to ensure that our LED Lamps undergo the strictest quality control checks so as to provide our clients with the very best.  Furthermore, IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] LED Lamps have been tested to the highest International standards for safety, reliability and performances, receiving the highest International certifications.

To reduce installation cost and encourage the switch to energy efficient lighting, IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] LED Lamps come in retrofit-friendly designs to enable easy replacement of conventional incandescent T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes.  Specifically designed to match the lux levels and colour temperature of traditional lighting technology, the IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] range of LED Lamps is the choice energy efficient alternative.

IEQ Global supplies three types of energy-efficient lighting technology — Induction, LED, and Plasma lights.  IEQ IntelliNRG[tm] Lamps have been deployed to our clients in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, and many other countries to save energy, reduce and control operating costs, adopt Green objectives and attain Green certifications.  For more information on IEQ Global and our lights, contact your local office.  A complete list of IEQ Global offices can be found here.

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