FAQs on IEQ Global

This is a selection of questions that were posted to us via this website. Our team of consultants review each question for its merit and provide answers to them. Please be patient if your question has not been answered. We shall respond to them shortly.

Q: What does the IEQ in IEQ Global stand for?

A: The IEQ in IEQ Global stands for Indoor Environmental Quality as our company is committed to improving the Indoor Environmental Quality of our clients. Today, we are able to concurrently provide clients with energy efficient solutions and improve their indoor environmental quality with our repertoire of products – energy efficient induction lamps, HealthWay DFS Air Purification Systems and IntelliCoil systems for HVAC.

Q: Where else in the world can I find IEQ Global offices?

A: You can find IEQ Global offices in several countries, such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Singapore and USA. IEQ Global also has several representatives in many other countries, such as Austria and Switzerland. Feel free to contact your local office for more information on IEQ Global and our products. For a complete list of countries, click here.

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