As a Premier Green Solutions Provider, IEQ Global designs, manufactures and supplies energy efficient lamps based on stringent global standards. With production facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China; and operational hubs and representatives across the globe such as Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and the USA, IEQ Global is the only lighting company that manufactures and supplies three types of energy-efficient lighting technologies – Induction, LED and Plasma. The IEQ IntelliNRG brand of lights is sold across the world, making us a global leader in the provision of cutting-edge green solutions.

With our dedication to maintaining the delicate ecological balance, IEQ Global ensures that our clients benefit from a better environment and lower energy costs. We continue to increase our global footprint, expanding into countries where we can make a difference towards reducing carbon emissions by taking simple and practical steps.


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