Thermal Efficiency and Energy Savings

HVAC coils are traditionally cleaned using high pressure jet sprays or chemicals such as acid and alkali.  These conventional methods damage fragile heat exchange coils by deforming or corroding them.  This adds to the inevitable corrosion caused by wear and tear to result in reduced thermal efficiency and unnecessarily high air conditioning bills.

The IEQ Intell-Coil™ Solution use environmentally sustainable biodegradable enzymes from Aeris Technologies that rid HVAC coils of all biological matter.  Non-corrosive in nature and using pressure free application methods, HVAC coils are sanitized and treated for optimized peak heat exchange performance.  Clients have successfully included this as part of their Green Mark submissions as Green innovations.

Long Term HVAC Coil Protection

Corrosion is a major problem due to atmospheric contents that inevitably deteriorates coils.  Depending on the extent of damage, it can result in non-budgeted capital expenditure for coil replacements.

IEQ Intelli-Coil™ Solution provides:

  • Proven effective in the control,prevention and inhibition of growth of mould, fungus and odour causing bacteria HVAC coils.
  • Up to 12 months residual protection against mould,fungus and odour causing bacteria.
  • Non-corrosive protection of coils.
  • Reduces energy consumption and associated cost.
  • Improves HVAC efficiency & extends operating life of plant equipment.
  • Reduces operational maintenance effort and cost.

IEQ IntelliCoil™ Solution Treatment Results AHU (40 tons)

Return On Investment

In this era of environmental sustainability, it is not sufficient to service HVAC coils with environmentally pollutive methods.  The Intelli-Coil? Solution takes a longer term view where ROI (Return On Investment) can be achieved within a few months (subject to coil condition and usage) of treatment.  Instead of paying energy providers or utility companies hefty electrical charges, clients can choose to save money while saving the environment at the same time— a perfect ecological balance.

The Intelli-Coil™ Solution pays for itself and further saves on coil replacements over time.

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