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Q: What is HVAC?

A: Climate control and comfort in modern buildings is a major design issue. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems help to control the climate, and keep occupants comfortable by regulating the temperature and air flow. The HVAC system is important to occupants’ health, because a well regulated and maintained system will keep a space (e.g home, office) free from mold and other harmful organisms.

Q: Is the IEQ IntelliCoil treatment solution corrosive to my HVAC system?

A: No. the IEQ IntelliCoil treatment solution is an enzyme based and environmental-friendly solution that has been registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, US). It is non-corrosive and bio-degradable.

Q: Can I purchase the biodegradable enzymes potion only and conduct the cleaning by my own maintenance team?

A: Please contact us directly and we will provide you the best solution after a thorough study of your situation.

Q: How long does it take to complete one Intelli-Coil Treatment?

A: On average, it will take about four hours to complete the Intelli-Coil Treatment for one HVAC Unit. This process will cover cleaning, disinfecting and protecting the coils on the HVAC.

Q: How many different types of Intelli-Coil Treatments are there?

A: IEQ Global offers two different types of Intelli-Coil Treatment. One treatment is specially developed for the internal evaporative coils while the other treatment is for the external condenser coils.

Q: How long do the effects of the Intelli-Coil treatment last?

A: The Intelli-Coil Treament will offer continuous microbiological growth protection on the evaporative coils for twelve months. The Intelli-Coil Treatment will also offer climatic corrosion protection to brand new heat exchange condenser coils for thirty six months.

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