Green Indoor Space

IEQ Global is an indoor environment quality (IEQ) consultancy that provide professional consultation and services for our clients to Go Green.  We believe that every indoor space can and should be converted to Green Indoor Spaces.  Either by design or retrofit, we provide solutions that enable any office or home to take one or several steps forward to become comfortable and environmentally sustainable Green havens.

We enable our clients to achieve Green Mark or equivalent accreditation.  But of equal importance, we provide our clients the ability to take their first step, big or little, towards attaining personal or corporate social responsibility.

Green Building Materials

We provide developers, facility managers and home owners with technologically advanced building materials that enable environmentally sustainable practices.  The capabilities of our range of building materials include the long term removal and growth prevention of surface bacteria and odours, the reduction of ultraviolet rays and heat from windows, retrofit self-cleaning glass and building facades that are protected from the effects of constant outdoor weathering.  Of foremost importance, our building materials enable building owners and manager to maintain an ecological balance and keep buildings within Green Mark or equivalent accreditation.

Surface and Air Quality

We believe that surface and air quality should be maintained at the cleanest possible level, with minimal levels of bacteria and other pathogens to keep the indoor environment Green and healthy for occupants.  To achieve this, we provide indoor air quality audits and manage the entire air supply of a building, from the point of entry to exit or return.  Based on our analysis, we have the options to manage the air in ventilation ducts and indoor surfaces with internationally proven solutions, as well as indoor surfaces to keep indoor spaces within Green Mark or equivalent accreditations .


We provide the world’s most energy efficient lighting solutions and that can be used in all offices and homes to reduce unnecessary heat generation and energy consumption by conventional incandescent lights.  Leveraging technologies such as Plasma, LED and Induction Lighting, our clients have been able to combat rising energy costs by reducing indoor ambient heat and further reducing air conditioning energy wastage or the use of air conditioning to begin with.  With our professional services, this can be seamlessly and effortlessly executed with minimal disruptions to improve indoor environment quality.  Equally important, our energy efficient lighting solutions are based on local and international standards for lighting to achieve Green Mark or equivalent accreditation.

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