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This is a selection of questions that were posted to us via this website. Our team of consultants review each question for its merit and provide answers to them. Please be patient if your question has not been answered. We shall respond to them shortly.

Q: How do I know which air purifier to buy? I have an apartment that is approximately 1,400 sq ft.

A: There are several models of the HealthWay DFS air purification system that are each specifically designed for various indoor area sizes. For a 1.400 square foot area, a HW03 should be sufficient if it is an open concept space, or individual HW SoHo could be used in several individually enclosed areas or rooms.

Q: Where can I find your air purifier products on sale?

A: The HealthWay DFS range of products is designed to eliminate up to 100% of viruses, bacteria and most other airborne pollutants. They are specialized air purification systems that are Class 2 Medical Devices. Due to their specialized nature, they may be experienced in our offices and at the followingfine stores.

Q: I am using a Honeywell air purifier. Why should I change to Healthway?

A: All air purification devices are designed for different purposes. The HealthWay DFS air purification system is designed to provide the cleanest possible air for any indoor space by trapping and killing up to 100% of all airborne pollutants. This can be demonstrated if required.

Q: What are the spare parts that need to be replaced? How often do they need to be replaced and what are the costs?

A: Like any other air purification device, there will be parts that require routine maintenance or replacement. Please contact us for the details and cost.

Q: Where can I find a good and portable medically approved air purification system?

A: IEQ Global is the authorised distributor for the HealthWay DFS Air Purification System that captures and kills up to 100% of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, allergens and other harmful particles commonly found in the air we breathe. The HealthWay DFS Air Purification Systems are listed as FDA Class II medical devices and are even energy star rated.

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