Design and Architecture: The Art of Energy Efficient Lighting

Friday July 29th, 2011 2011, In the News

(Issue 062.)

The interior designer and lighting designer prescribed a look that is industrial, dramatic, sophisticated, yet unintimidating and casual. The design called for backlit steel fenced, bare brick feature walls with dimmable metal pendant lights hovering over side tables to cater to intimate dining, a centrepiece bar with functional and linear decorative lighting, and general lighting that can be mood-changed to follow the sun in brightness and colour temperature.

To achieve the balance of form and function, LED, dimmable florescent and induction lighting are paired with mood altering light dimming controls. As the evening sky turns to night, so do the restaurant’s lights. Dim enough to be cool but bright enough to read the menu. Coves with colour temperature change dimming controls provide adaptive chameleon-like lighting and subtle highlights raise the profiles of natural wood and brick finishes. The lighting design delivers reduced energy consumption for lighting by over 60%.

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Lights – Now in Malaysia
IEQ Global’s energy efficient lighting solutions are now available in Malaysia. Solutions available include LED, Plasma and Induction Lamps. Providing a full range of light sources for industrial, commercial and residential clients, IEQ Global Malaysia also offers lighting design and technical consultancy services. Other Green solutions offered include energy savings for HVAC systems and the World’s most advanced air purification systems.

IEQ Global is a Founding Member of the Singapore Green Building Council and Sustaining Member of the Illumination Engineering Society.

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