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Saturday December 8th, 2007 2007, In the News

While we haven’t experienced a bad haze this year. All of you do realise how important it is to have clean air, especially if there are asthmatic children in the family. Indoor environment specialist IEQ Global Pte Ltd has brought in the US-made Healthway EMF (enhanced media filtration) air purification system, which is the world’s first and only patented system that’s able to capture contaminants in the air and kill 0.3 micron-sized microbes at 99.99 per cent rate. That’s the size of typical viruses, bacteria and mould.

The Healthway EMF air purification system is an FDA-listed class II medical device, classified as a device used to treat, cure and contain a known disease. The technology was originally developed in collaboration with the US Department of Defence to combat germ warfare and tackle odours. (For information, please call IEQ Global at Tel: 6377 1300).

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