Berita Harian: Cleanliness- Its Good to Use An Air Purifier

Wednesday January 9th, 2008 2008, In the News

 Effective Air Purification: Have you entered a room and discovered unpleasant odours?

Or do you realize that your home or work space is experiencing high volumes of pollution because it is located next to major road that are heavy with traffic? If you are suffering from poor air quality in your indoor environment, it is time to invest in an air cleaning device for good health benefits.

Many people are mindful of what they eat and how they exercise to enhance their health but very little attention is given to what they cannot live without – the air which they inhale daily.

Inhaling clean air is becoming increasingly important as Singapore grows its urban population. It is found that most people spend a lot of their time indoors in air conditioned environments, whether at home or at work.

Air circulation and ventilation can become poor over prolonged periods since air conditioning systems use recycled air. Over time, recycled air will result in increased air pollution if there is no fresh air intake or supply.

Airborne pollutants includes chemicals and bio-aerosols in enclosed air conditioned spaces can cause “sick building syndrom” which causes building occupants to experience discomfort such as headache, fatigue, nauseous and irritation of eye, nose and throat.Patients suffering from emphysema and respiratory problems are especially prone to the worsening of their illness or a chronic attack if they are exposed to contaminated air.

To overcome this problem, one needs to install an effective air purification system to improve the air quality in the indoor environment.

Home owners and companies who are thinking of installing an air purification system can now benefit from this new technology from The United States of America.

The Enhanced Media Filtration (EMF) technology with effective chemical and germ elimination functions was developed in conjunction with US Department of Defence for the purpose of combating germ warfare.

The EMF system traps fine airborne pollutants and has been tested and proven to kill up to 100 per cent of virus, bacteria, mould and fungi.

This technology is patented by the manufacturer as the HealthWay EMF Air Purification and is exclusively distributed in Singapore by IEQ Global Pte Ltd, the region’s premier indoor environmental specialists.

Mr Ong Wei Ping, Executive Director says that “this purifier can cover an area as wide as 1.300 sq ft, compared to many other air purifiers that cover only a quarter of this space.”

“The maintenance cost of this system is very low,” he remarked.

More information on HealthWay Air Purification system can be found on


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