Ezyhealth and Beauty: Breathing Better

Saturday March 1st, 2008 2008, In the News

This month marks the start of breathing better through medical grade clean air with the help of technology.

With the large number of air purification systems out in the market, it may be a tough choice to make when it comes to choosing an air purifier. If you are in doubt, a medical grade air purification system like the HealthWay Air Purification Systems coming to our shores this month might quell all questions. Recognized as the World’s most advanced medical grade air cleaning system, it was granted the NASA technology 2005 SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Award and the National and Development Award.

A truly effective air cleaner address all three indoor air pollutants. These include airborne particles, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and bio-aerosols. The HealthWay Air Purification System will be hitting stores soon.

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