Design and Architecture: Go Green with IntelliNRG LED T8 Light Tubes

Tuesday December 14th, 2010 2010, In the News

December 2010 (Issue 059)

Designed to replace conventional fluorescent tubes, IEQ Global’s IntelliNRG LED Lighting Solution has been well received in Singapore and overseas. Having undergone stringent and exhaustive testing and certified by globally recognized testing body TUV, the IntelliNRG LED fluorescent tube replacement has been used by clients in the commercial, industrial, residential sectors.

Delivering the basic level of lux and performance as a conventional florescent light is not enough. The IntelliNRG LED tube surpasses in every perimeter including lux level, performance, safety, environmental sustainability, and lifespan. Going beyond the desire to be environmentally conscious, the acceptance of this solution has been increasingly driven by the common sense to reduce energy costs and minimize maintenance efforts.

Benefits of IntelliNRG LED Tubes

Environmentally Friendly The lifespan of 50,000 hours is 5 times longer, which results in a reduction of 5 re-lamping/maintenance cycles. With minimal toxicity in the components and manufacturing process, it is free of mercury, lead and phosphor and does not release toxins into the atmosphere upon disposal. Components may also be recycled.

Energy Efficiency Energy consumption is reduced by close to 50% with corresponding savings. An integrated aluminium heat sink ensures that it does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius in operating temperature. This delivers reduced heat load by 50% which in turn reduces hefty air conditioning bills.

Luminous Efficacy Complies with Singapore Standard SS531 for its intended purpose. The efficacy is maintained throughout its lifespan with minimal degradation and has excellent colour rendering index of above over CRI 80.

Operational Safety Electronic pollution is minimal and does not affect electrical and mechanical systems/equipment, sensors and smoke detectors. This includes minimal THD (total harmonic distortion), EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (Electromagnetic interference).

Safety Does not produce toxic emissions, is non-flammable up to 140 degrees Celsius, compliant with IEC weight standards for T8 lamp holder and weighs less than 500 grams. It is shatter proof and not a potential fire hazard.IntelliNRG LED Solutions light sources are manufactured in a clean-room environment and tubes are designed for easy installation with no re-wiring required. Tested and certified in Singapore by PSB TUV to exacting IEC standards, it is time to Go Green with IntelliNRG.

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