Malaysia Seminar (Port Klang): The Anatomy of an Induction Lamp, Plasma Lamp and other Energy Efficient Lights

Saturday October 8th, 2011 Events

Following the well received seminars in 2011, this is the first of a seminar series in the Port Klang region of Malaysia that aims to share the latest in energy efficient lighting technologies. Lighting technology experts from around the region, including the third largest manufacturer of induction lamp based technology solution shall be on hand to discuss and demonstrate the best way to manage rising energy costs for lighting.

As a leading global manufacturer of custom induction lamps, IEQ Global will share the various applications, form factors and performance reading of induction lamps, plasma lamps and LED equivalents to conventional lights.

Participants will gain a deeper insight to how energy cost calculations may be made based on available energy data from industry experts.

IEQ Global supplies three types of energy-efficient lighting technologies — Induction, LED, and Plasma lights. IEQ IntelliNRG™ lamps have been deployed to our clients in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and many other countries to save energy, reduce and control operating costs, adopt Green objectives and attain Green certifications. For more information on IEQ Global and our lights, contact your local office in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Singapore, Switzerland, and the USA. For a complete list of IEQ Global offices, click here.

18 October 2011 (Tuesday)
11am to 1pm
Premiere Hotel (Bandar Bukit Tinggi)


  • 10.30am
    • Registration
  • 11.00am
    • Seminar Commences
  • 12.30pm
    • Question and Answer
    • Product Demonstrations
  • 1.00pm
    • Buffet Lunch
  • RSVP required. Please email: (Places are strictly limited).

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