IEQ Global LED, Induction and Plasma Lights Approved for Malaysia Green Building Index

Wednesday September 19th, 2012 2012, In the News

IEQ Global is proud to announce that our Induction, LED and Plasma lamps have been approved by the Malaysian Green Building Confederation as energy efficient lights for Green Building Index (GBI) purposes. Listed on the Green Pages Malaysia, IEQ Global’s lighting products can now be used to achieve GBI ratings.

Created by the Malaysian Green Building Confederation, the GBI is the only green rating tool for the tropical zone other than Singapore’s GREENMARK Certification.

To visit IEQ Global on Green Pages Malaysia, click here.

IEQ Global supplies three types of energy-efficient lighting technologies— Induction, LED, and Plasma lights. IEQ IntelliNRG™ lamps have been deployed to our clients in Australia, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and many other countries to save energy, reduce and control operating costs, adopt Green objectives and attain Green certifications. Feel free to contact your local office for more information on IEQ Global and our lights. For a complete list of IEQ Global offices, click here.

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