Singapore Tatler: Breathe Easy – Jeffrey and Keith Tang and Ong Wei Ping chat with Steve Williams about environmental commitment, juicy rats, why not to touch the door handle in some hotels and their latest venture, IEQ Global

Sunday June 1st, 2008 2008, In the News

 A SAGE ONCE SAID, “IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN.” How right he was. Jeffrey Tang seeks clarification of the pundit’s comment: “What does that mean? Being green, having green buildings? We all have to do our part – we have a responsibility for the well-being of the planet, but further to do that, it’s also important to understand that it’s also the people who inhabit the planet. So when you go green, you will have to consider the people as well.”

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The Living Room: Good Indoor Air Quality : Radio Interview on 938LIVE

Friday April 18th, 2008 2008, In the News

By Stanley Leong





Host: In a typical day, most of us spend most of our time indoors rather than outdoors.

Now, given that to be true, how concerned are you about the indoor air quality in your home or your office?
When we think about air pollution, we often think of the situation outdoors. But do not be too sure that you are breathing good, clean indoor air without harmful viruses and allergens. Continue Reading »

The Straits Times: Tang Brothers Aim To Nurse Sick Buildings Back To Health

Wednesday March 12th, 2008 2008, In the News

Brothers: (from left) Jeffrey Tang and Keith Tang


Having found much success in running a hotel chain in NZ, siblings are back with new business to clean up buildings from the inside out.

ARRIVING in New Zealand nearly 15 years ago was a breath of fresh air in every sense for brothers Keith and Jeffrey Tang.

They had left behind a messy family tussle in Singapore.

Their uncles had just taken control of the then Dynasty Hotel family business from their father, Mr Tang Wee Cheng.

Shrugging off the family squabble, the Tang brothers and their father took their hefty cash proceeds and headed for greener – though unfamiliar – pastures elsewhere.

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Ezyhealth and Beauty: Breathing Better

Saturday March 1st, 2008 2008, In the News

This month marks the start of breathing better through medical grade clean air with the help of technology.

With the large number of air purification systems out in the market, it may be a tough choice to make when it comes to choosing an air purifier. If you are in doubt, a medical grade air purification system like the HealthWay Air Purification Systems coming to our shores this month might quell all questions. Recognized as the World’s most advanced medical grade air cleaning system, it was granted the NASA technology 2005 SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Award and the National and Development Award.

A truly effective air cleaner address all three indoor air pollutants. These include airborne particles, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and bio-aerosols. The HealthWay Air Purification System will be hitting stores soon.


Friday February 29th, 2008 2008, In the News

February – March 2008



Friday February 29th, 2008 2008, In the News

February – March 2008

Germ Buster

Lian He Zao Bao: Bringing Clean Air to Singapore

Thursday February 28th, 2008 2008, In the News

IEQ Global Pte Ltd was set up two years ago by New Zealand hoteliers, Mr Keith Tang and Mr Jeffrey Tang with the intention of “bringing” clean air from New Zealand back to Singapore and providing solutions to indoor environmental quality needs.

The Tang brothers belong to the third generation of the C.K. Tang legacy. According to Executive Director of IEQ Global, Mr Jeffrey Tang, his father, Mr Tang Wee Cheng was the founder of Dynasty Hotel in 1980s and the Tang brothers has followed their father’s lead in the hotel business and set up a chain of 10 hotels in New Zealand under the Heritage Hotels brand.

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Square Rooms: Breath of Fresh Air

Sunday February 3rd, 2008 2008, In the News

With all the time we spend in enclosed, air-conditioned environments it can get a little tough to get some much needed fresh air. Developed with the U.S. Department of Defence and capable of trapping airborne particles and killing up to 100 per cent of viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi, the Healthway EMF Air Purification System might be just what you need. The only air purification system with EMF technology, this miracle doer is now available for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and factories. Call 6377 1300 for more information.

Shape: Breathe Better

Friday February 1st, 2008 2008, In the News

This air purifier may just be the product to help alleviate your allergies. The HealthWay Air Purification System can kill up to 100 per cent of viruses, moulds, fungi, bacteria and odour within 1,300 sq feet (about the size of a four-room flat). Its patented EMF technology, which was developed with funds from the US Defence Department to tackle germ warfare, rids germs and particles with a high-energy “killing field”. The system comes in two models. Call IEQ Global at 6377 1300 for more details.

Southeast Asia Building and Construction: HealthWay EMF Air Purification Systems

Tuesday January 29th, 2008 2008, In the News



Good indoor air quality is becoming increasingly important as people spend more time in enclosed air-conditioned environments. Air-conditioning and ventilation systems generally allow only a restricted amount of fresh air to be introduced into confined environments, hence causing the levels of indoor pollutants to become more concentrated. Continue Reading »

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