The Business Times: IEQ Global Aims to Light Up the Competition With Its Products

Tuesday December 13th, 2011 In the News

“Operationally, IEQ’s lights aim to achieve up to 60 per cent savings in monthly energy cost. It also overtakes the lifetime ownership costs of a light as its lifespan is five times of conventional lights. Our customers typically only sees us once every five years!”

— Mr Ong Wei Ping, Executive Director of IEQ Global Pte Ltd

ECOLIGHT Design Consultants (EDC) was fully acquired by IEQ Global just last October and it is already invading the commercial space with IEQ’s highly efficient next-generation lighting.

Among others, it has worked with Suntec City and Bugis Junction to revamp their entire basement carpark with its high-specification light-emitting diode (LED) tube lamps which reduce energy consumption and ambient heat by more than 50 per cent.

‘The carpark is now a lot cooler than before,’ says Ong Wei Ping, Executive director of IEQ.

The 44-year-old founder of EDC held the same designation in IEQ even before the acquisition took place. He assumed a larger stakeholding in IEQ after the acquisition. The company’s revenue at the close of this year is expected to be in excess of $30 million.

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Design and Architecture: The Power of Plasma Lights

Saturday December 10th, 2011 In the News

(Issue 065.)

High rise buildings can now be showcased at night and good architectural design elements may be brought to light by Plasma lamps.

Plasma lamps produce powerful, natural sunlight. It is that simple. With the strongest and farthest light throw available today, Plasma lamps are designed to illuminate long distance of several kilometres or buildings from 10 to over 60 storeys tall. Smaller than a golf ball, the cost effective Plasma bulbs are designed for over 40,000 hours of continuous use, producing the least amount of UV and the best colour rendering index (CRI) in its class.

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The Sunday Times: Clearing the Air on Mould Woes

Tuesday December 6th, 2011 In the News

“If people are not falling sick, if the office doesn’t smell funny, they don’t call you”

— Mr Jeffrey Tang, Managing Director of IEQ Global Pte Ltd

Mould thrives in tropical Singapore— and doing well too are companies that combat the indoor fungal pest.

Of a handful of indoor air quality (IAQ) specialist firms here, three have expanded locally and regionally over the last five years. The number of staff at two companies has tripled.

Experts said mould is the most prevalent IAQ problem here. Other air contaminants include bacteria, viruses and high concentrations of carbon dioxide.

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Biz Daily: Marketplace: IEQ Global Lights Up Energy Savings with Induction Lamps

Wednesday November 16th, 2011 2011, In the News


Green solutions provider IEQ Global joins the rank of lighting manufacturers offering induction lighting solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. This new breed of lighting systems is targeting businesses and households that want to reduce costs and carbon emissions while improving quality and safety.

Induction lights are similar to fluorescent lights in that they use gasses, which once “excited”, react with the phosphor that coats the tubes to produce white light. Unlike fluorescent lamps, however, induction lamps do not use electrodes but instead uses the principle of induction, or the transmission of energy by way of magnetic field. This then eliminates the use of filament— the highest single point of failure in conventional lamps. Continue Reading »

Singapore Architect: IEQ Global—Asia’s Comprehensive Lighting Specialist for LED, Plasma and Induction Light

Sunday November 6th, 2011 2011, In the News

Through the successes from its array of projects, Asia’s premier green solution provider, IEQ Global, has cemented its status as a comprehensive lighting specialist for residential, commercial and industrial clients. IEQ Global’s expanding portfolio of lighting products and the broad expertise of its lighting consultants provide customized energy efficient and effective lighting solutions to clients.

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Design and Architecture: Adaptive and Transformational Light—Balaclava@Ion

Wednesday November 2nd, 2011 2011, In the News

(Issue 064.)

The uber-trendy Balaclava@Ion brings an ambience that is hip and relaxed. The lighting concept integrates with the Ion Building’s iconic facade lighting. This infuses privacy where possible, making it the perfect showcase of design transcending function.

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Biz Daily: Biz Health: Beating the Haze with Air Purification Systems

Thursday September 22nd, 2011 2011, In the News


Given the trans-boundary nature of air, Singapore’s air quality is very dependent on that of its neighbours’. Unfortunately, the combination of forest fires in neighbouring countries and the prevailing southeast monsoon winds has resulted in Singapore suffering from smoke haze in recent memory.

According to the country’s National Environment Agency, fine particulates enter an air-conditioned building through the fresh air intake and by infiltration through openings and gaps during the haze period. The indoor particulate levels can build-up to unacceptable levels, causing undesirable health effects on the occupants of the building.

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SquareRooms: The Power of Light

Tuesday September 6th, 2011 2011, In the News

Proper illumination will add brownie points to your bathroom’s aesthetics and functionality so take it to the next level with this savvy lighting guide. Achieving a successful lighting scheme takes more planning than just installing fancy fixtures, with there being many ways to bring out the best in your bathroom.


Bathroom lighting has evolved far beyond a single incandescent light bulb overhead, veering towards design-oriented styles which embrace both form and function. ‘We have had a growing number of clients who install chandeliers in bathrooms, mostly intended for decorative purposes,’ says lighting designer, Sera Garciano. ‘Even so, the lighting scheme in a bathroom has to suit its intended uses and the personalities of the users.’ Continue Reading »

Design and Architecture: The Art of Energy Efficient Lighting

Friday July 29th, 2011 2011, In the News

(Issue 062.)

The interior designer and lighting designer prescribed a look that is industrial, dramatic, sophisticated, yet unintimidating and casual. The design called for backlit steel fenced, bare brick feature walls with dimmable metal pendant lights hovering over side tables to cater to intimate dining, a centrepiece bar with functional and linear decorative lighting, and general lighting that can be mood-changed to follow the sun in brightness and colour temperature.

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Singapore Architect: Enhance Eco-Living with Energy Efficient Lighting

Monday June 20th, 2011 2011, In the News

From a dollars and sense perspective, architects and building owners not only contend with increasing energy, material and manpower costs, but confront challenges of incorporating sustainable solutions to meet project requirements and a quick return on investment.

For the homeowner, high on their list of considerations when building or renovating are to keep costs low. Beyond planning for window placement and capturing the best angle of the sun to naturally illuminate interiors, choosing the right kind of energy efficient lighting blueprint seals the deal for low energy bills. Continue Reading »

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