Design and Architecture: The World’s Most Energy Efficient Lights

Thursday April 14th, 2011 2011, In the News

(Issue 061.)

IEQ Global brings practical solutions for a Greener planet. Designed with architectural aesthetics in mind, the IEQ IntelliNRG range of energy efficient lights are ideal for homes, offices, indoors and outdoors. IEQ IntelliNRG presents a wide array of light sources that surpass market equivalents in performance, price and environmental friendliness. These include Induction, LED and Plasma lighting technologies, each designed to suit specific needs of our wide-ranging clientele.

IEQ IntelliNRG lights have been tested to the highest Singapore and International standards for safety, reliability and performance.
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Lunch Magazine: Clean Green Singapore

Thursday March 31st, 2011 2011, In the News


And because of our size, Singapore is like a test-tube as innovations can be rolled-out quickly.

— Mr Ong Wei Ping, Executive Director of IEQ Global Pte Ltd

Water self sufficiency is vital … the infinity pool 57 stories or 200m up in the sky in Marina Bay Sands

It is one of the most densely populated nations on the planet yet Singapore also happens to be one of the most resource efficient. With virtually no resources of its own to speak of and little access to fresh water, the island state is very near self-sufficient in its utility needs. Continue Reading »

Singapore Architect: Green Lighting Design By Night – Transformation of Nightlife in Singapore

Sunday February 20th, 2011 2011, In the News, Media

The hourly changes in natural daylight impact individual moods by day. By night, artificial lighting takes over to elicit psychological responses. The synthesis of changing light levels, innovative interior designs and desired decorum provide food and beverage outlets with unique identities.

Advocating the use of energy saving lighting and control solutions, IEQ Global has been working with clients to transform Singapore night scene into a vibrant, aesthetically attractive, yet environmentally sustainable one. Continue Reading »

Design and Architecture: Go Green: IEQ IntelliNRG Induction Lamps

Monday February 14th, 2011 2011, In the News

(Issue 060.)

The end is near for metal halide and pressurized sodium Lamps. These energy guzzling and excessive heat-generating Lamp sources have long been the mainstay yet bugbear of users who require light to cover long throw distances and be extremely bright. IEQ Global Pte Ltd introduces the IEQ IntelliNRG range of Induction Lamps for commercial, industrial and residential use. This relatively new Lamp type delivers a phosphorous glow without the usual electrodes, eliminating the filament the highest single point of failure of conventional Lamps. Continue Reading »

IEQ Biorhythmic Lighting System

Saturday January 1st, 2011 2011, In the News


Light affects a person’s moods and even health. Our body is regulated by light, by its intensity and the length of the night/day cycle known as the circadian rhythm. All types of light affect our cognitive activity as well as our mood, telling our body when it is day, time to wake up and work and when it is night, time to rest. Each of us has an internal clock which casts different types of shadow and shade in the mind, according to the position of the sun, transforming light stimuli into hormonal messages and in turn into responses.

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